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AUDITIONS in Usa - week of January 29th ,2018

Bodytalk, Shanghai, China
PAID: duration: 2018
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyfemale-apply

Teaching Artists, Chesterfield, MO
PAID: duration: Various
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyTeaching Artistsany gender15-apply

Thriller Movie, Los angeles
PAID: duration: 01/23
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyActormale2535apply

MHP, South Florida
PAID: duration: Around Apirl - May
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyMary Lackerfemale1821applyTracey Benfieldfemale1821applyJanie Walkerfemale1821applyDonna Gomezfemale1821applyCindy Turnerfemale1821applyBobby Shoremale1821applyDanny Wongmale1821applyWill Diamondmale1821applyTony Lynchillmale1821applyBilly Farmerany gender1821applyDave Cappellettimale2130applyRod Blackmanmale2130apply

Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign, New York
PAID: duration: January/February
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyDRIVERmale2860applyMARRIED COUPLEany gender2959applySISTER IN-LAWfemale2544applyGRANDMOTHERany gender6099apply

Wave of Mutilation, Los Angeles
PAID: duration: March
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyNoahmale1921applyMaureenfemale1921applyBobbymale1921applyMurdochmale2025applyCharliemale4065apply

Pinpoint Strategies, Bloomsburg
PAID: duration: January/February
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApply3 doctorsany gender3050apply

Mosquito Repellent, Orlando
PAID: duration: Feb 13-15 or Feb ...
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyGalsfemale2545applyGuysmale2545apply

Paradise City, New York
PAID: Union rates, duration: From April 1st
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyJimmy Colonmale2540applyMercedes Mercadofemale2035applyAlistair Holmgrenmale2035applyBianca Holmgrenfemale2540applyBrother Nazimmale4060applyChief Murdochmale4060applyRonnie Santosmale3040applyDouglas Friedkinmale4060apply

The Review, Northern Illinois
PAID: duration: From February to ...
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyHostany gender2138apply

Ballet Dancer for The Special Event (TSE), Los Angeles & New Orleans, LA
PAID: duration: much be avail: in...
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyfemale-apply

N/A, Manhattan
PAID: duration: 2/8
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyMiddle Eastern Male Telepro...male3050apply

LOAD, San Bernardino County, Riverside County
PAID: duration: 03/01 - 03/25
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyRANDYmale4555applyBABY SHAMANmale1825applyLALAfemale7099apply

Bridges of Madison County, NYC | Peoria AZ
PAID: duration: Jan 30th | March ...
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyRobert Kincaidmale3545apply

Australian Teleprompter Reader (Female), Manhattan
PAID: duration: Week of 2/26
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyAustralian Teleprompter Rea...female3050apply

Made Worldwide Agency, NYC
PAID: duration: Feb 7th 2018
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplySexy Grandmafemale6099apply

'Ultimate Adventure Experience' Casting, Southeastern U.S.A.
PAID: duration: March 2018 - July...
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyGuestany gender1826apply

Spanish Teleprompter Reader (Female), Manhattan
PAID: duration: Week of 3/12
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplySpanish Teleprompter Reader...female3050apply

German Teleprompter Reader, Manhattan
PAID: duration: Week of 3/12
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyGerman Teleprompter Reader ...female3050apply

Student Short, Downtown Los Angeles
PAID: duration: February - March
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyNathan Solangemale3035apply

Mamma Mia, NYC
PAID: duration: 6/22 - 8/5
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyfemale-apply

Actor Tour Guides, New York City, Boston or Washington DC
PAID: duration: 2018
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyTour Guidesany gender18-apply

2018-19 Season, Delaware
PAID: duration: 2018- 2019
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyfemale-apply

Hangar Theatre 2018 Season, Ithaca, NY
PAID: duration: 2018-2019
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyfemale-apply

Shakespeare's Henry VI, New York, NY
PAID: duration: June - September
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyA number of rolesany gender1880apply

Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Burbank, CA
PAID: duration: February - April
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyActorsany gender2059apply

2018-2019 Season, San Diego, CA
PAID: duration: 2018-2019
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyActorsany gender18-apply

Singing Telegram Performers, Charlotte, NC
PAID: duration:
  • RoleGenderMin AgeMax AgeApplyEddie the Teddyany gender1850apply


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