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 My name is, Courtney Woodruff (Clownar Th Jestta) I have been doing music since I can remember its start with singing and advanced to rap it was something about the sound of Biggie Smalls and LL cool J and other artists. Time goes on my voice begins to change and I couldn't control my voice anymore and at the time I was growing up in Collage Hill Courts known as the West Side of Chattanooga the (West Side Projects) I had a neighbor that helped influence me on my music journey him and a group of friends that lived over my apartment did a lot of rap music for many hours. Sounds that flooded my bedroom all I could do is listen crazy to say the words they spoke is what they was really living it out everyone looks for guidance. So I ask my neighbor (Blue) to teacher me how to rap he told me he couldn't And all I had to do is live more and it will come. So I started out writing poetry For many years to express my frustration and anger that turned me into a free stylist after so many years I met many people that judged my music with criticism,and told me where I needed improvement. After that let's say I went threw many stages that turned me into a music writer. The only thing I was missing was my owe style must I say, Didn't happen over night. I ran through many names Lil'C, Big Court Dog, BCD, Polo, but none of them fit the Person I have became. When I Googled these names some one always came close to it. Then I finally found myself Clownar TH Jestta (meaning) Clownar everyone is a clown at Some part in there life TH for (The) Jestta I have had many questions on what Is a Jestta here it is. A Jestta goes back when it their was King and Queens. The Jestta was the fool that Performed ( a performer) that brung happiness and laughter (story teller) but when it's comes to me I'm not a laughing matter. To me the name means growth strength Knowledge. Must I say I do this (music) even though I know you heard this many of times. I'm young With an old Soul Hip-Hop haven't died yet. When it comes to music I rather listen to the words than the beat. Turn that bass down and listen and hear the hunger the pain must I say it's gets better every time a good beat is always good but the words are more Powerful. They say it's something that you lose when you make it I don't plan on it cause the hunger is something that makes me. Starlio, Don Trip, Boosie, T.I etc. Some of the people I listen list hella long these are some of the artist that Speaks on life with no lies or surge coating that's who I want to be as an artist. With no comparison some one that can give you a message You can live by or relate to. I want to do the type of music you love to hear also with a message that's not sending you out. Call me Mr. (I.Am. Me.) I never looked for a hand out I have invested in myself ( Go to YouTube and type in Clowna and Powa Clowns TH Jessta ( Shoots out/Confused ( Contest entry Sorry about the spelling it's so much confusion when it comes to my name. But if you want energy meaning and a artist that can do I'm what your needing and looking for here's my contact information for mor information about : Clownar TH Jestta (Courtney Woodruff) Call Phatfirm Radio Network at :1-888-694-6660 Thank you for your time SIGNING OUT IMA BOUT MINE!!!!

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