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Our music signal broadcast live we stream online sound mix/ remix/ show/ cd/ mp3/ wma/ pls/ ram/ mu/ aac/ ogg/ asx/  station was creat in 2001 and become the Worldwide Radio Station. @ Phatfirm Radio we  play all cains of music sounds and entertainment beats and Harmony our channel is based in the Usa,Canada & Worldwide - Phatfirm Radio was rename Phatfirm Radio Network in 2005 at the end of December 2017 we rename it Phatfirm Radio Worldwide because  the station have listners all over the world and will be in SiriusXM  somewhere in 2018  so get ready to see Phatfirm Radio all over.

The colors of Phatfirm Radio are Black & White,Purple &Green , Red & Yellow ,Blue & Grey this represent the different

Culture around the World  & Universe and for us we believe Music is Music .

Phatfirm Radio Network - 24h/Live Radio,Hip Hop,R&B,Pop,Dance,Mix,Techno,Electro,Latin,

Caribbeanmusic music Broadcasting mc,dj,vj,

Old School New School Stream & Broadcast

online live 24/h sound mix/remix

Thank you !